PROGRAM 2023-2024

Branch meets on 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Location:  Open Circle Unitarian Church

19 3rd St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

 Time:  6:30 pm

17 January, speaker George Penn, WIUTA
Wisconsin United to Amend is a grassroots, cross-partisan citizens group.

In 1886, a loophole in the 14th amendment was exploited, which resulted in the legal fiction that corporations had human rights. In 1976, they ruled that money is equivalent to free speech. In the 2010 case, Citizens United, the Supreme Court struck down the McCain/Feingold law, which has resulted in unlimited campaign spending. The result was political spending skyrocketed In the 2012 presidential election, both candidates raised and spent approximately $1 billion dollars. This is not a partisan issue.

WIUTA is proposing to amend this to restore some democracy and limit corporate participation in political campaigns.

There are two routes for an amendment to be proposed. One is by a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Congress, and the other is through an Article V convention (which can be called by two-thirds of state legislatures). Either way, the proposed amendment must be approved by three-fourths of the states.

163 communities have passed the referendum to amend this. Material

21 February – Deb Reinhart – “Journey as a woman in the business of agriculture for 48 years.

Deb Reinhart and her husband, David Geiser, owned and operated a 500-cow dairy in New Holstein, WI with two unrelated partners with a dream of owning a dairy. They have operated the century farm since 1975 when they purchased it from David’s parents.  Deb is the financial manager of the dairy.   Deb has taken an active role in agriculture issues on the local, state and national level, working with stakeholders to affect positive change in agriculture. Deb is committed to representing the farmer voice in her various responsibilities. 

Believing that those who show up, make decisions, has led Deb to become involved in immigration, dairy literacy education, land use, nutrient management and zoning issues. She feels that education rather than regulation is the first step to accomplishing a proactive and prepared dairy community

Deb is passionate about educating, training and growing those around her.  She advocates for training programs for dairy workers. She has tried to foster communication in the community between Hispanic families and their neighbors. Deb speaks to local service clubs and provided training on Hispanic Culture to courthouse staff, human services and law enforcement.    

Deb has BS from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA and a WI Teaching Certificate from Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, WI

21-24 March, book sale 

17 April, speaker Rebecca Surges “Courageous conversations” – everyday biases.

Rebecca “Becca” Surges has been a member of the West Suburban Milwaukee branch for the past 8 years. As Chair of the WSM DEI Committee (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), Becca leads diversity initiatives including Courageous Conversations.
In her professional role as Director of Philanthropy & Marketing Communications for St. Vincent de Paul Society of Milwaukee, Becca oversees fundraising and communication strategy for Milwaukee County.

We all have seen and/or experienced overt biases, but how often do we recognize
unconscious bias? Do we recognize unconscious biases in others? In ourselves?
Having unconscious biases does not make us racist, homophobic or
discriminatory in other ways. However, we need to be able to recognize them in
ourselves so we can work to overcome them. Doing so creates a more inclusive
environment. Let’s learn more about unconscious bias.

24 April, Power of the Purse

15 May, scholarship dinner